MicroProfile Long Running Actions, long anticipated specification for a lock free and consequently loosely coupled approach for achieving consistency in the microservice environment, has been finally released in the version 1.0. Helidon MP support for LRA 1.0 comes with the fresh release 2.4.0.

LRA is an alternative for distributed transactions with relaxed isolation, fully integrated in to the JAX-RS. Instead of the transactional bean methods, you get transactional JAX-RS methods.

For detailed technical description with examples visit developer’s blog: https://danielkec.github.io/blog/helidon/lra/saga/2021/10/12/helidon-lra.html

Oracle Advanced Queueing (AQ) is the message queueing service used by the Oracle database. By providing PLSQL and JMS APIs in Advanced Queueing, Helidon is now uniquely positioned to interact with database events and benefit from Oracle database’s durability and high availability.

We are pleased to announce that Helidon 2.2.0…

Reactive birds flock together

With Reactive Messaging support coming with Helidon 2.0, Kafka connector is one of the first messaging connectors available for both flavors of Helidon MP and Helidon SE. Helidon MP follows the MicroProfile specification to the letter and leverages all of the great features of CDI. …

Daniel Kec

Java developer at Oracle

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